Say Goodbye to Back Pain! Exercise, Nutrition, and More! is a self-help guide for people who experience back pain. This informative book includes many helpful topics, including how to prevent back pain, exercise programs, treatment options, and preventative care. Available on Amazon for purchase.

The Adventures of Joshua: Spencer Spine and the Back Attack is the funny tale of a boy who accompanies his parents to the doctor’s office. Joshua, who is full of surprises (and a song), is amazed when he meets a “special” doctor who introduces him to Spencer Spine and the infamous Back Attack. With a light-hearted spin, on a serious issue that affects more than 31 million people across the United States, this tale is informative, enriching, filled with lively illustrations, and sure to be amusing for every child who loves adventures. Available on Amazon for purchase.

Lumbar Support Brace is designed to properly fit your body without slipping, shifting, or bunching up.  Benefits of using a lumbar support brace: prevents further damage of injured tissues; support your low back while you are recovering; improves posture, and reduce risk of injury.

Resistance Bands are a great choice for strengthening your upper and lower body. These bands provide tension that is ideal for rebuilding and strengthening your muscles after an injury. These resistance bands provide various tension levels that allow you to gradually increase resistance. Benefits of using resistance bands: build muscle strength and endurance; increase joint range of motion and flexibility; and reduce chances of re-injury.

Exercise (or Stability) Ball adds an extra challenge your workouts by – challenging your balance, coordination, all while improving your posture and muscle strength. Use of the exercise (or stability) trains your postural muscles to ensure that your body maintains alignment while performing the exercises. Benefits of using an exercise (or stability) ball: increase muscle strength and endurance; improves balance and coordination; improves posture; reduce risk of fall, and improves muscle balance. 

TENS Unit provides temporary drug-free pain relief. It is hands-free and portable, which means it can go anywhere! The device is small and designed to be concealed while wearing, using the belt clip. Benefits of using a TENS Unit: natural, drug-free pain relief; decrease pain signals to the brain; relieves muscle spasms and tightness; and can reduce the chronicity of your symptoms.

Cervical Pillow is designed to give your neck support while sleeping. If you wake up with stiff neck or tight shoulders (or upper back), then chances are, you need to get a better pillow because you are not getting the support you need. This pillow is also great for those who experience headaches, neck, and back pain; as well as for those who have suffered a neck injury due to a car accident (e.g. whiplash injuries). 


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