Are you pregnant and considering chiropractic care? Do you want to know if chiropractic care is safe during pregnancy?

Well… you’re at the right place. Chiropractic care is considered relatively safe for pregnant women. Some women experience pregnancy-related back pain during pregnancy, especially during the last trimester. The risk of back pain during pregnancy is a result of a rapid increase in weight gain, which doesn’t allow the body to adapt to the changes. As a result, pregnant women may experience low back pain, pelvic pain, hip pain, and leg pain.

Below are some benefits you may expect during your pregnancy when receiving chiropractic care:

  • relief of low back and pelvic pain
  • ability to perform normal activities of daily living with ease

Often times pregnant women may experience difficulty sleeping due to experiencing back, pelvic, hip, or leg pain. Let the chiropractor assist you in providing relief, so you can sleep and move better.

Dr. Tiffany T. Butler has additional training in treating pregnant women; by providing safe and effective chiropractic care during pregnancy. She is a Webster Technique Practitioner and has experience working with pregnant moms to get pain relief from pregnancy-related muscle and joint conditions. Dr. Butler is an advocate and promotor of healthy moms (and dads), healthy children, healthy families, and healthy communities. She is a proud member of the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association and continues to take courses to advance her skills in treating a diverse population.

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