Should I Get a Health Coach?

It depends. If you desire to make a drastic change to your health and life, then, yes! If you believe you have all the information, tools, and skills to do it on your own, then no. However, if you are like most people, who want to be healthier, you simply do not know where to start. “Should I start with my diet?” “Should I start exercising?” “Maybe I should be a vegan or try the paleo diet.” Listen… if you do not know what you are doing; if you lack resources; and/or if you lack proper guidance…you will fail miserably. What you have done or what you are currently doing may help you achieve your short-term goals, however, in the long run, it may not sustain you. That is where health coaching comes in.

Doctor-Led Health Coaching

Our Doctor-Led Health Coaching is available to assist you in gaining knowledge (accurate information that is understood and makes sense); skills (the ability to perform an act or behavior); tools (e.g., how to grocery shop, how to make the most out of our doctor’s appointments, etc.); and confidence (your belief in your own abilities to achieve whatever you put your mind to do). Each aspect – knowledge, skills, tools, and confidence – are all required for you to become an active participant in your own health so that you can have long, lasting results…when the fads, and trends go away.

We all need a little help every now and again. There is no shame is asking for help. There is shame in assuming that people will help you when you have not told them how to help you. With our Doctor-Led Health Coaching, it is different from your average health coaching. It puts you in the front of a healthcare expert. One who has experience with not only treating patients but educating and empowering them to change their lives for the better.

With our Doctor-Led Health Coaching, we aim to help people who have been labelled as having “poor health” or “low socioeconomic status” these are the people who are often disproportionally affected by many health conditions (e.g., poor living conditions, lack of quality foods, lack of access to qualified and caring healthcare providers). As a result, they are also the ones who die young, poor, and sad. We want to educate you! We want to empower you! We want to excite you! To begin to make better health choices that will lead to a healthier life.

Benefits of Having a Health Coach

Without a health coach you unlikely to make the changes you need for improvements and long-term results. Coaching helps you to overcome barriers, break old habits, and help you to identify the best ways for you to be successful in reaching your health goals.

  • Mentorship and guidance as you make healthy lifestyle changes.
  • Connect with your whole-self – mind, body, and spirit – to achieve optional health.
  • Make positive behavioral changes that will help you reach your ultimate health goals.
  • Increase your chances of succeeding by overcoming barriers.
  • Improve your self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-trust.

We offer both, individual and group health coaching.
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