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At Harmonious Living Chiropractic: Fitness & Wellness Center, LLC® we strive to answer all patients’ and clients’ questions completely. Below are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) about our office(s). If you don’t find the information you need, please feel free to call us at: (240) 264 – 6372.

What is chiropractic care?

Chiropractic care is a form of healthcare that emphasizes restoring and maintaining an individual’s health through spinal (and joint) adjustments. Some of the goals chiropractic care is – to place the body is the best position (proper alignment) so that it can heal naturally. Chiropractic care relies on the body’s natural ability to heal itself without interference (e.g. such as medication or surgical procedures).

What is a chiropractic adjustment?

The chiropractic adjustments are a controlled high-velocity (quick) thrust that is applied to the patient’s spine by the hands of a licensed and skilled chiropractor. The adjustment can also be performed using a chiropractic instrument (such as an Activator). Some of the goals of the chiropractic adjustments are – to break up adhesive scar tissue, to restore or improve joint mobility (movement), and to restore normal bio-mechanics to the spine. Do not allow anyone to perform a chiropractic adjustment on you who is not a licensed chiropractor. This is causing more harm than good.

What types of conditions do chiropractors treat?

Chiropractors are experts in treating people who have muscle and joint pain such as – neck, back, shoulder, and headaches (caused by neck pain). Chiropractors also treat conditions that resulted from a sports injury, auto injury (e.g. whiplash), and work-related injuries (e.g. fall).

Does chiropractic care hurt?

Most patients experience relief after receiving chiropractic care. However, there are some who may experience temporary soreness in the areas that were treated. If you experience soreness after chiropractic care, let your doctor know. Drinking water, using an ice pack or heating pad, and relaxing can help ease discomfort.

What should I do before my chiropractic and rehabilitation treatment session?

Avoid any activity that may exacerbate or worsen your symptoms. Avoid applying any topical creams and/or ointments (such as BioFreeze, Icy/Hot) to the areas that are being treated, just in case the Doctor will use muscle stimulation or heat, which can cause irritation to the skin.

What should I do after my chiropractic and rehabilitation treatment session?

You may experience soreness or achiness after receiving care in the office. This isn’t uncommon. A good way to combat post-treatment pain, use ice or heat for 15 minutes each. Starting with ice first and ending with heat. The ice will create a numbing effect and the heat will increase blood flow the area (which is important to tissue healing and repair), and promote muscle relaxation.

Can I continue to perform my exercise routine while I’m receiving chiropractic and rehabilitation services at the office?

Yes, we encourage all patients to stay physically active while receiving care. You may need to modify your workout routine, in order to prevent worsening or exacerbation of your symptoms. For this reason, we recommend that you perform low impact exercises – such as cycling (on a recumbent stationary bike), walking, or swimming. Low impact exercises remove unnecessary pressure on your joints. Perform low impact exercises, at least 1 – 2 times a week, moving at the intensity level that you are comfortable with and that you can handle. Do not push yourself beyond what you can handle too fast. If you don’t know what exercises to do, ask your Doctor.

What can I expect during my first visit?

During your first visit, you will get the chance to meet the doctor. She/he will ask you several questions during the consultation (medical history review) time to determine if your symptoms or complaints will benefit from our services. Sometimes, you can receive treatment on the first visit, if time permits and if the doctor doesn’t require additional testing. Your first visit may last up to 60 minutes.

What can I expect during my follow-up visits?

During your follow-up visits, you will continue with your recommended treatment plan. Each visit builds upon the next. In order to have a successful recovery from your injuries, we highly recommended that you stick to the treatment plan. If for some reason you are unable to keep your appointments or want to discontinue care, please let the doctor know. Your follow-up visits may last up to 30 minutes.

Can I be treated by chiropractic if I was involved in a car accident or work-related injury?

If you have been injured as a result of a car accident or work-related injury, we recommend that you schedule an appointment to see the doctor right away. The doctor will determine if your condition can be treated and managed with chiropractic care and rehabilitative services.

Is chiropractic care safe?

Chiropractic care is a relatively safe form of healthcare. Millions of people have enjoyed the benefits of chiropractic care with very minimal side effects besides some soreness post-treatment.

When do I pay for service?

Payment is expected at the time services are rendered, unless prior arrangements have been made. Patients will be asked for a valid ID and insurance card(s) as proof of insurance during check-in. We accept cash, checks, money orders, and credit cards as forms of payment.

What type of insurance does Harmonious Living Chiropractic: Fitness & Wellness Center, LLC® accept?

We accept most major health insurance plans, including CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield and Cigna. We accept all auto and workers’ compensation policies. Please check with your insurance company to determine if Harmonious Living Chiropractic: Fitness & Wellness Center, LLC®, and/or our Doctor(s) are in-network with your health insurance plan.

To save time, can I fill out registration forms prior to my visit?

Yes. Completing registration forms prior to your visit (and bringing them with you) will save you at least 15 minutes.

How long is the typical wait time to see the Doctor?

We respect your time. Our goal is to maximize our time with the patient by providing them the efficient care, therefore, we only see patients on an appointment basis. By arriving on-time for your appointment, you will typically wait no more than 10 minutes to see the doctor.

I have chronic back pain, will it ever go away?

Most of our cases are people who’ve had pain for years and have found relief from their symptoms. Back pain becomes chronic when it is left untreated or when improperly treated. There is hope for those who suffer from chronic back pain.

Do I need a referral from my medical doctor to see a chiropractor?

Most health insurance carriers do not require a referral, whereas others do. It is best to check with your insurance carrier prior to making an appointment at our office.

Can children be treated by a chiropractor?

Most parents find chiropractic care to be beneficial for their children especially if the child is experiencing muscle or joint complaints such as neck or back pain. 

Once I start going to a chiropractor, is it true that I have to keep going back?

Some people may require a shorter amount of visits with the doctor, whereas others may refer more visits. The determinant of how many times you would need to see the chiropractor is based on the following factors: your age, the severity of your condition, how long you’ve had your condition, your health condition, etc. There is no one-size fit-all. Each patient is unique and different, and therefore, require individualized treatment. There are many people who have enjoyed the wonderful benefits of chiropractic care that they decide to continue maintenance or wellness chiropractic care, to continue to maintain and/or improve your functional health. The bottom line is this: you determine how long you want to see the chiropractor. It’s your health and ultimately your decision. The chiropractor is here to guide you and give you the best advice on your health and your condition. Whatever you decide, we will support the decision.

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