Weight Management

Weight Management

This club is designed specifically for people who want to shed excessive weight in a healthy manner. Whether you want to lose 10 lbs. or 100 lbs., you will enjoy this club! Learn the basic foundations for weight loss and manage; learn which exercises are the best for weight loss and management; learn proper nutrition and how to eat for your unique body-type; learn why dieting does not work; learn how to boost your metabolism through exercise and nutrition; and so much more!

If you want to lose weight for good, then join this club!

Your monthly dues get you access to the following, with no additional costs:

  • Fit Club for Runners & Walkers
  • Fit Club for Cyclist
  • Small group fitness training (no more than 4 people at a time)
  • Customized nutritional meal plans
  • Group Health Coaching
  • 1-on-1 accountability call or video chat (weekly)
  • Access to our Healthy Eating workshops
  • And more!

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