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According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) in 2013, musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) accounted for 33% of all worker injury and illness cases.

The good news about work-related MSDs, they can be prevented!

Lunch-and-Learn Program

This program is designed to provide educational tools for your employees on how to prevent injuries at work, particularly, muscle and joint injuries

Corporate Wellness Program

This program is designed with the corporate world in mind. It is a great way to inform, educate, and inspire your employees.

Customized program catered towards the needs of your company. Integrative mind-body educational workshops to help and encourage good health practices in everyday life. All workshops will be led by healthcare practitioners and/or health-professional team members. Four Level Tier Packages available (bronze, silver, gold, and platinum) to choose from.

Download, complete, and submit the application form to our office. All new applications include a FREE Lunch-and-Learn Program session for your company.

Corporate Wellness Program Application

For more information on our Lunch-and-Learn Program and/or Our Corporate Wellness Program, please contact our office

Benefits of Our Corporate Wellness Program

Healthy work environment = Healthy employees = Increased in business productivity

Our Corporate Wellness Program helps employees (who are people) make smart and healthier choices, not only at work but at home and play. According to a report by U.S. Department of Health and Human Resources in 2012, those worksites with physical activity programs reduce healthcare costs by 20-55%, short-term sick leave by 6-32%, and increased productivity by 2-52%.

Employee Benefits:

  • weight reduction
  • improve physical fitness
  • increase stamina/energy-level
  • lower stress levels
  • increase self-esteem
  • increase self-confidence

Company Benefits:

  • increase the morale of employees
  • increase productivity
  • reduce stress
  • reduction in sick days usage and call outs
  • increase retention of healthy employees
  • decrease incident of work related illness and injuries

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